Alternative – Powerpoint to Video in Mac

Many people have problems with Powerpoint on Mac. Powerpoint on Mac is very limited in features …

One of them is export to MP4 / WMV. This feature is very difficult to find in all versions of Powerpoint in Mac.

Including the Selection Pane menu feature, this feature is in version 15.18, see our review here.

Now, right now … we want to snag another way to export videos from PowerPoint on a Mac. Previously we have divided the tricks here. And we want to provide a new alternative that you can try.

Namely using the QuickTime player. Previously you can know, that Powerpoint in Mac version 16.19 or 365 export to video features are available. See the official article from Microsoft here.

Well, here you can watch the video that we found, we think it’s effective for exporting videos from PowerPoint using the QuickTime player.

See below:

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