How to Show “Selection Pane” Menu in Powerpoint Mac

How to Show “Selection Pane” Menu in Powerpoint Mac

You need to know “Selection Pane” menu, you must good understand the feature. Because it can easily help you to edit any Powerpoint templates.

“Selection Pane” will helps you to make easier to use or modified all-any powerpoint template.

Like as Edit text, replace image placeholder, edit image background, and others.

It’s like a menu to show layers object on Photoshop and other software.

You can watch the feature here (Windows User)


Selection Pane in Powerpoint Mac

You can see the Selection Pane Menu,

With the Selection Pane back, you can now:

  • Rename objects and object groups
  • View object hierarchies in groups
  • Easily change the Z-order of objects, by dragging items up or down in the list
  • Toggle visibility of objects, when making edits to complex slides
  • View the updated object names in the Animation Pane

This improvement makes it significantly easier to work with complex slides, that have lots of animations! The Windows version of PowerPoint has had the Selection Pane for quite some time. On the Mac version, the only work-around for renaming objects, and changing other attributes, has been to write macros. In fact, I wrote one such macro last week, at great cost to my time. Furthermore, the macro editor experience has been reduced to almost nothing, amid many complaints from the community. Hence, we are kind of at Microsoft’s mercy to add new features at this point.

Read the article from microsoft about this feature.

But, If you can not see the feature, you can check your Powerpoint version at least 15.18. You can check your Powerpoint version like this:

If you see on the picture above. Powerpoint version is 15.13…

You need to upgrade this powerpoint at least 15.18.


Following This Steps to Upgrade Powerpoint 15.13 to 15.18:

You can download the Powerpoint 15.18 on “Update history for Office for Mac” from Microsoft.
click this link. until found this:

You can scroll find the Install package, then you can download. See the below:

You can click “KB 3133711” to download instalation pack.

THEN, you can Install it on your Mac.

Your “Selection Pane” menu available NOW…


If you have trouble, you can chat me.


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