Tips & Trick – Insert Add-Ins Icon Emoji and Character Menu in Powerpoint (FREE)

I will share with you about the Add-ins Menu Powerpoint, this is one of the Powerpoint features.
You can get more assets from the Powerpoint Add-Ins feature.

It’s like inserting new features in your Powerpoint, and you can find more free features that are not all known. Stock images assets, icon, emoji kerboard, character cartoon, and many more.

Why you need to add this features?
It’s will allow you easy to insert the assets you needs. After you install the Add-ins, you only need to find asset, double click on asstes, and you will see asset on the slide.

Now I will show you how to add the emoji keyboard icon and character menu in Powerpoint. You can explore more features yourself.

You can try to find more, and i just show two assets for free from the Powerpoint store.

Lets watch the video:

See you on the next tutorials.

~ Bayu Tara Wijaya


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